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You play as Peter Langdon, a well-known journalist who is investigating the possible source of a spree of horrific movies that have sprouted up over over the web recently. Each video depicts a type of horrific torture or surgery, the combining of humans&animals, performed by a mysterious person known as Dr.Edgar Friendly. Such a stir has been created within the internet community that you and a team of fellow journalists have taken it upon yourself to trace the source. Days ago you lost contact with your team and following their trail you unwittingly fall into the lair of the Dr.Edgar Friendly himself. Is it all make-believe? Or is it real?


Puzzle/Action/Adventure/S hooter/Adventure

Sequel to 'THE INSANITY' which thus far has reached over 1,000,000 hits and is growing. The game is unique in a sense and cannot be classified in one category. Certain scenes are puzzle-based and others involve aiming&shooting and quick reflexes.

The game is also unique in that INSTRUCTIONS are not given to proceed through puzzle/Quick Action Events. Use your wits and reflexes to figure out- just like real life!

Game features extreme horror scenarios and of both disturbing visual gore, shock tactics and psychological horror, and should be a crowd pleaser for anyone who is into 18 rated thriller chiller movies.



Game is fully controlled by the mouse only.

-Dialogue Boxes are draggable and conversations can be skipped with a mouse click.


EvilKris/Kris Foxton
http://ydjapan.blogspot.c om/

p.s. for those who can't be bothered with the first major puzzle the code for the Arnolfini Processor is '2169'


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