Here's Chapter 2. I hope you enjoy it.
NOTE: The game plays well on faster computers. Hit 'Q' key at any time during the game to toggle the quality settings. Look around, there are a couple of hidden secrets. My thanks to Tom and all at Newgrounds.

***Wow Thanks everyone. I'll try not to make such a pig of a download next time. :)


Here's some tips to help you get through that "fucking Trawl Monster" :P

The crosshairs of your gun indicate where your shots will hit. Remember, you're
falling down a deep shaft. Time is short. The best strategy is to first shoot the two
"electric tentacle" stems at the bottom of the monster. If you don't get rid of these
first, the electric tentacles will shoot out and kill you quickly...even when the trawl
has got it's rear tentacles around you! Most people die quick this way and they
always go..."What the fuck?" now you know. Electric tentacles can be shot
back to buy more time. After the belly stems are gone, work on eliminating the four
arms. You can shoot them in any order but I recommend shooting them one at a
time. (Why? Because I couldn't seem to fix a bug where if two or three limbs break
off at just gets messy. But hey, you learn something new every day. HOLD DOWN the space bar to activate your "Armor
Shock." When you've successfully eliminated all the arms, the creature will "sail"
towards you. Quickly line up your gun's site with the red target indicator and fire off
AS MANY SHOTS AS YOU CAN (Again...INSIDE the red target
indicator) and you should beat the bastard...that is, if you aren't too perilously close to
the bottom of the shaft. KEEP AN EYE ON YOUR PLUMMET METER.

-March :)


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