An escort mission for a mining operation meets trouble as pirates pour into the sector.
You have to protect the sector and defeat the pirate's control fleet.
Command your fleet through a storyline spanning 20 levels, pushing back the pirate onslaught and discovering the real reason why they suddenly appeared all over the region.
Defeat worthy opponents and legendary superbosses to protect the region.

The game doesn't end when your task is done - you can keep on exploring indefinately, finding stronger and stronger opponents and even more superbosses.

Mouse controls everything :
Click a location on the sector map to move your fleet (moving onto a location where a hostile fleet is, will start combat right away).
Clicking any of the ship portraits at the bottom of the screen will bring up the cargo and equipment screen.
During combat click the action icons to select the action you want the active ship to perform. Doing so will reveal a number of valid targets for this action - simply click one of those to apply the action.


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