Sketch: In Stande, you are a death-row convict whose malicious and brutally infamous tactics are being exploited by the government in a Black Ops suicide mission expanding half the globe ( thatís a skirmish level in video game terms ). Bottom line, your mission is to kick ass. Easy enough, eh? You get a mini arsenal, including grenades and a wicked machete, to hack and blow your way through a variety of bad guys, coming at you from all angles.

Nero: Controls are under options, except for the undocumented pause feature which is enter/return. Use a gamepad! Look up joy2key(pc) or USB Overdrive(mac)!

Soldiers are grunt units, go for the ever-popular headshots. Repellers will most likely drop spider mines, which can either blow your ass up, or take out a few soldiers for you if youíre quick enough. You got grenades, use them! and donít underestimate the jump button.

This thingís made to run on even the slowest of comps, just turn off the background and it should run like butter on even a calculator. For the record, this is my first competed flash game.

Give us some secksay reviews, vote the fiffen, and DONATE and then maybe weíll start up on the adventure side of the game. Insane amount of thanks to NegativeOne. Also, shout outs to fR0ZEN, RobsH66, Rocky Pinnicle, John Perazza, Tom, Dan, and all the other artists who have kick ass projects up their sleeves.

End transmission.


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