Made by AssJoe
Rating: 18+

Hey all!

This is my third point and click game, this time a lot more realistic!

You wake up in an old and scary house, with enemies lurking at every corner, and soon you begin to realize what has happened...

The game took about a month to complete, and that's mainly because I worked a lot with the graphics. I wanted the game to look and feel as realistic as possible, and therefore I also added a lot of small details, some of them more important than others...

The game isn't THAT long though, and that's mainly because of the 10 MB file limit (the file is 9,7 MB, so I barely made it!) But it also depends on your skill level, so some people might find it harder than others.

I wanna say thanks to Bell45 for participating with his voice acting. He really brought his character to life!

Well, I hope you'll enjoy playing the game, as much as I enjoyed making it!

Oh, and if your looking for a walkthrough, just google "Sacrificium Walkthrough".

See ya!



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