The 2nd installment of a mix between Pac Man and Frogger. I've been workin on this with my mates for a month now. I have never put more effort into a flash. This has also got the first game included inside it but theres a better a better version if you look for pogger 1 and you don't need to play it to understand the story line of the 2nd. If you play this please leave a reveiw i like to hear peoples opinions but if you do leave a reveiw tell me if this game is FUN. sorry about the way the last level is set out I was having some trouble but I'll try to sort that out soon. This also includes an animation at the end thats good and worth playing for. Please tell me if any part of this game doesn work. Alltogether there is 9 levels in the 2nd game but with the first game theres 13.

U betta like this. Please make an icon for this if you can.


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