Aim and Shoot: Mouse + Left Mouse Button
Movement: WASD or Cursorkeys
Weapon Selection: 1-5 Numberkeys


Panzertroopers is an addicting, fastpaced top-down survival shooter inspired by the well known Crimsonland.

Mankind fights an endless war against an arachnoid species that spreads across the galaxy and wipes out life along its way. You are dropped into battle to conquer planet X. But soon you are cut off from your mates and the bugs overrun your position. Then you hear the call for retreat. The retrieval ship is on its way. Will you survive?

- deep scoring system supporting different playstyles
- highscore-leaderboards
- 35 unlockable rewards
- 12 unlockable player ranks
- 5 different weapons
- 4 powerups
- 6 challenging enemies
- atmospheric and engaging soundtrack by Kevin MacLeod

Developed by Black Oaks Entertainment
Code & SFX & GFX: Michael Bickel
Design: Ronny Scheffelmeier & Michael Bickel
Music: Kevin Macleod

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