REGARDING THE HIDDEN MEDAL: When the last update to OD2 was uploaded, a few medals came with it. One of which was uploaded without my realization and before I knew it, it was approved. It's the secret medal that is, at the moment, unattainable. There is no broken code, it was meant for the upcoming update. I've tried to delete the medal to avoid confusion, but for some reason it never works. Either way, the update 2.0 will be coming soon with the missing secret medal so you guys can quit ripping your hair out :)

UPDATE v1.8:
Added 2 new medals. All Deaths Medal & a Secret Medal.

Quick note:
Sorry it was late guys, OD2 has been ready since late October, but I was waiting on a sponsorship. Nothing came through and I couldn't take it anymore, so here it is! Hope you guys & gals enjoy it :)

Game Description

Death is back to take more lives in this macabre point n click adventure. Your goal is to take out your victims using the environment around them, but this time there is more than one way to take them out! Let the fun begin :)

Game features:

* Point n click adventure
* 3 Chapters of puzzles & chaos
* New Tarot system for randomizing the fate of each victim
* Total of 9 different deaths across 3 victims (and a few spares)
* 14 in-game medals to earn


* Press "5" to insert coins
* Press "1" to begin
* The mouse for gameplay



* Click to insert a coin and click again to begin.

If you get stuck, you can always right click and choose "download walkthrough".


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