This is a Yaoi flash game, for those of you who don't know this, Yaoi is homosexual Hentai, so if this offends you don't unfairly vote or leave abusive reviews. You have been warned before playing.

Incase you don't wish to see Yaoi there is a "family mode" option available before scenes of Yaoi, this changes on the last scene to "finish" If you wish to play the game but don't like Yaoi feel free to use these options though it takes most of the fun out.

Another main problem, I was unaware of the vast file size that so many images accumulate, as such this flash is very large, I only realised after I had used all the images and I will try to find a way around it for future flash.

This took me the best part of a week to create and I tried to make an alternative hentai game, by adding love as well as sex, I didn't do this as much as I had hoped but it is still evident I hope. Depending on the popularity of this flash I may choose to start working on a sequel I have some plans for.

This is a Yaoi lovers dream, and Gagsy can quote me on that :]
Yay the halloween collection! That makes me happy ^_^
Please help it get into the Hentai collection now :]

There is a quick link area on the credits page at the end that can link you back to certain parts you may have liked. Please enjoy and vote well <3


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