Click on spell buttons, click to place buildings, drag gems to where you need them.
Everything can be done with mouse, but there are also some shortcut keys:

T - Build tower
R - Build trap
A - Build amplifier
L - Build lightning shrine
C - Build charged bolts shrine
W - Build wall

G - Combine gems
B - Throw gem bomb
M - Extend mana pool
Q - Freeze/unfreeze time
N - Send next wave instantly
X - Refund mana from gem
D - Duplicate gem
I - Enable/disable info panels
1,2,3,4,6,7,8,9 - Create gem
P or Esc - Go to the Options screen


If the game doesn't work, please get the latest flash player, it solves many problems.

****Recent changes in GCL v.1.02c****
Fixed the issues which appeared in v.1.02:
Doing anything related to a novice amulet crashed the game (usually on the first field), including: placing a gem into an amplifier, combining gems, bombing beacons.

****Recent changes in GCL v.1.02****
-GCL now runs on Flash Player 10.2+ only, earlier versions of Flash Player (tested with 10.0) can have errors that make the game itself run errorously (like the "cannot build anything" or "no mana" problem). If you don't have the latest Flash Player, the game tells you where to download it from. (nothing special, it's ) !Close your browsers right after you start the installation, the Flash Player can be updated only if the browser isn't running (it can't be "hotswapped")! Update your browser if you can, too. Newer versions of Chrome and Firefox auto-update the Flash Player, so you won't have to bother with it again.
-fixed: In the labyrinth map, rolling over a field, the info panel sometimes showed the gem colors and gem type names in non-matching order.
-probably fixed: battle setting buttons not working: made many changes to make them work, still not sure if it's ok (works for me)
-fixed: remaining skill points calculation - resetting skills gave less skill points than dragging all the skills down to zero, and this same calculation error could cause negative skill points left after a battle was won and the skill points were recalculated. NOTE: if you see negative skill points left now, it's because with the proper calculations it turns out that you spent too much; simply drag down any of your skills to get back points and get a positive (or zero) skill pt balance.
-shrines got cheaper to build.
-formerly there was "+12 battle settings" in the Premium Edition purchase info panels, but the actual number of locked premium settings is 10. Sorry for that, it wasn't intentional.
-fixed: when combining two gems, sometimes the resulting gem had a lower min-max damage than the stronger initial gem.
After decades of preparation, the test you've been waiting for, the Labyrinth, has finally appeared before you...


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