Well, here is my gift for the new year. The sequel to my quite failworthy but popular game "Catnarok Longcat Rampage", and hopefully this fails less than the original.

The game has an entirely different logic : it now has a beginning and a end, and the hi-score, though an important part of it, isn't the only objective. The basic attack was also replaced to something more convenient, even though the eyebeams are still there as a secondary attack.
The upgrade system was also complety upgraded for a complex techtree to get new skills at each level up. the number of powers also increased quite a bunch to include a shield and a special "rage mode". The classic Shoop da Woop ultimate attack is back, and there are now passive skills as well.

Even though I am pretty proud of the result, this project was hell and unless you people enjoy it, this might be my final flash game. Or at least my final flash game with actual ambition in it. It is just too much time and effort to create a game of this level of complexity and balance it, and I am not sure I can afford to do that in the future.
I think I really need to take a clue from people taking donations to finance their games or stuff like that. But in the case of Catnarok, my hands are kind of tied, because since I used memes as a basis to work from, money becomes a very touchy issue since memes are, by definition, free.
I mean, okay, I may redraw/edit those, but that doesn't really count. the game is still a tribute to Internet culture as a whole, and as such making people pay for it feels wrong.
I mean, ads are one thing. But donations or pay-to-play? That feels wrong when using material that wasn't 100% my original idea. At least that's what I think.
My hope is that this game will allow me to build an audience and/or contacts that will help me develop an actually original game and somehow finance it. But I might be daydreaming here. In fact I probably am.

Anyway, I really hope you enjoy this!

The game uses Mochiads, including their liveupdates feature. meaning that i can hotfix the game after release, unlike the first catnarok which ended up spreading on the Internet with a nasty bug I can no longer fix. ^^;

Have fun! Eradicate those bad memes!


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